We tell stories, and we are very good at it.

Beverley Hadgraft

I started my career on evening and daily newspapers quickly learning the ability to find a new angle on the day’s news and turn a story around by deadline. Since then I’ve produced thousands of stories for print in papers and magazines all over the world. I’ve been editor of newspaper supplements and top-selling national magazines, winning awards for both.
Since 2005, I’ve been freelance which gives me the ability to write on a range of subjects for a variety of different publications from Australian Women’s Weekly to The Farmer and take on new challenges, including ghost-writing books and conducting research for industry. My most recent and probably most rewarding challenge has been interviewing the survivors of suicide and producing a podcast series for Lifeline, Holding onto Hope.  

John Worrell

I have been fortunate enough to work in all aspects of film and television for a number of years. From concept development to content delivery, I have the hands-on experience to know what works.
I love the way evolving technologies open up new ways of telling great stories.
I have filmed extensively throughout Australia as well as Africa, the UK and Asia. Projects have included travel and wildlife documentaries, drama and comedy series as well as advertising for all the leading agencies. As founding director of Wahoo! Creative I have learnt invaluable skills in balancing creative, technical and practical considerations to bring together inspiring images with creative, intelligent storytelling and targeted messaging.